Why Canadians Are Putting Heating and Cooling Systems Upkeep At The Top of their Agenda

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Why Canadians Are Putting Heating and Cooling Systems Upkeep At The Top of their Agenda

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Because Regina is caught up in Saskatchewan’s extremely continental climate, winters are harsh and summers are very hot and dry. With the added threat of climate change, it’s now more important than ever that every household puts a spotlight on heating and cooling systems. As complex as they are, learning about the best solutions and proper maintenance adds value both cost and comfort-wise.

Over half of the overall energy consumption by Canadians is spent on heating up spaces (56%) and cooling them (4%). Within households specifically, space heating accounts for 63% of the energy used, followed by water heating (19%), appliances (12%), lighting (4%) and space cooling (1%). Investing in heating and cooling system upkeep and repair is essential and can extend the equipment’s life, avoid unnecessary extra spending while also saving energy and ensure the equipment runs safely. At a national level, the situation is similar. A 2018 report by the International Energy Agency points out that the greatest energy savings sits within buildings (28%), and space heating is the main aspect to be addressed.

Residential electricity costs in Canada compare well, however large variations exist in comparison to some U.S. states and even other Canadian cities. Regina for example spends over 15 cents/kWh which is lower than people in New York and San Francisco are paying, but double than what Montréal residents do. Poorly functioning heating and cooling systems can add even more to that burden. Neglecting repairs can lead to elevated electrical bills. Say a strange smell or noise is coming out of the air conditioning system, while it may seem like a minor malfunction, it can lead to having to use the AC for longer periods of time to keep the house cool. This in itself is not cost-efficient and may even lead to health problems. Similarly, a malfunctioning furnace for instance can emit dangerous gases, many times unnoticeably, which can be extremely harmful to health.

There’s also the risk of full breakdown if the problems are not being addressed at the right time. Having to deal with a broken heater during the cold wintery days or a damaged AC during torrid days of summer is not exactly the ideal scenario.

While check-ups and improvements are recommended at least twice every year, also key to know is the average expected lifespan of products. For instance, the average furnace or central air conditioning system are expected to function properly for about 20 years, while a boiler can deteriorate in 15 years.

Such services can be accessed by residents of Regina from Smile Heating & Cooling Inc., one of the leading businesses available in the area. Regardless if it’s time for a check-up, something needs fixed or replaced, people can rest assured they’ll benefit from top notch products and expertise.

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