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Furnace Installations: Our thoughts and recommendations

If your furnace repair wont do anything, and your system starts to look like the one in the picture you might need a new furnace install.

Smile Heating & Cooling always considers its client’s interests first. That’s why I never stop looking for the best equipment on the market.

I’m not attached to any specific brand. The best equipment we can find today, is what we recommend to clients for their new furnace installation.

Some of my partners mentioned that it would be more profitable to the company to work with one brand. But I put my client’s satisfaction above any additional profit, because each happy client makes me personally happy!

As of today, we recommend Payne furnaces to our customers. They have proven themselves to be highly efficient, reliable and, just as important, quiet furnaces.

How can we be so sure in their reliability? Payne models haven’t changed for several years, and because of this, we have the opportunity to get some actual information “from the fields.” We don’t see many Payne furnaces out there when we go for repair calls.

More than that, we have never faced any screw that wasn’t tightened or detail that didn’t match perfectly. And I’m an experienced technician who can say for sure that this furnace was manufactured well from quality materials, and that it was properly tested before distribution. Furnace repair sometimes may take a lot of time and can be costly for your pocket, that’s why it’s very important to choose a good furnace and the installation company from the very beginning.

That’s what Payne furnaces are!

We never have to worry while proceeding start up operation for this equipment (those with technical experience will understand what I mean).

But, of course, it’s just a recommendation. If you prefer some other brand of furnace, we’ll gladly install it for you. We are connected to ALL the suppliers in Regina and out of it, so we can get you any furnace you want.

At SmileHVAC.ca or main goal is to provide excellent customer service for our clients.

As the main idea is to make you happy!

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