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Furnace Inspections

What are Furnace Inspections and When Should they be Done?

A furnace inspection is a simple check to ensure all functions are operating as usually. This simple check can be done by you following SaskEnergy’s guide to a well maintained furnace. However a furnace inspection should also be regularly done by a furnace repair specialist in Regina. A good inspection will ensure your furnace runs smooth for years.

When you hire a professional plumber or HVAC technician to inspect the furnace they are more well equip not just with tools but with experience to spot any problems and to prevent anything that might soon be an issue.

The furnace inspection will not just stop with your furnace either. It will carry on to a thorough examination of the whole system. If there are things like cracked or separated ducting this puts more strain on your furnace and won’t only cost you more in repairs but in heat as well if it is not repaired soon.

At Smile HVAC, our technicians will fix all your issues with the appliances you have for an affordable price.

Furnace Inspection For Buying a Home

Furnace inspection by a certified professional have more uses than just regular maintenance. If you are purchasing a home or planning to in the near future , reach out to us at (306) 519-3777 and have one of our experienced professionals take care of inspecting the furnace and whole heating system of the home. There are often things that a home inspector that might miss, that is not to say home inspectors are bad, they just dont get the hands on experience of these systems. When you spend time with furnaces as much as we do, things like the sounds a furnace makes can be enough to understand the type of furnace and the state its in.

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