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Difference Between A Furnace Cleaning and A Duct Cleaning in Regina

Why a Furnace Cleaning in Regina and Duct cleaning are equally important

Lets face it, we live in a province that is very flat and very windy. Dust and debris is always being kicked up and if you suffer from allergies then you know first hand how bad the air quality an get in Regina. This is why having a furnace cleaning in Regina is important. These almost non visible debris get sucked into your homes heating and cooling systems, clogging up different junctions and placing unwanted strain on your furnace that can lead to unwanted furnace repairs and added energy expenses.

Furnace Cleaning In Regina

Furnace cleaning is the art of thoroughly going through your furnace, removing some parts and cleaning them then re-assemble and have your furnace run more efficiently. This is just like dusting your computer once and a while. However, with a furnace there is more than just dust. There can be build up of sediment and the heat can cake it on.

Knowing what tool to take it off without damaging the part is key. There can also be leaks which may require additional repair but the cleanup will also involve the possible use of solvents.

Having a professional plumber or hvac specialist perform this service for you is very worth while. However without the proper cleaning of the full heating system the furnace cannot work at peak performance. This is often where the use of professional duct cleaners comes in.

Duct Cleaning

IOften performed by a company that has a truck with a large industrial like vacuum designed to be fed into your duct and pull out any unwanted debris that may be built up. This is especially true for those who have pets that shed. hair easily traps in ducting acting like an air dam and preventing the proper distribution of heat.

You could clean the ducts your self with your home vacuum but you will never be able to reach far enough into the ducting to pull even a tenth of the debris out. “But what if I have a massive shop-vac with 350HP” I hear you say. Even still, a shop-vac might damage your duct work. Professionals have the right equipment to do this without damaging the ducts your trying to have run optimally in the first place. Just like a furnace cleaning, it is recommended to get a duct cleaning at least once a year, depending on the amount of just and other debris that goes through your home on a daily basis.

Why furnace cleaning regularly is wise

Having your furnace cleaned for your Regina home regularly can prevent you from running into serious problems that might cost hundred or thousands of dollars. A furnace and duct cleaning will also increase the lifespan of your furnace significantly.

Aside from hiring professional you can also increase the performance of your furnace by changing the furnace filter once every 3-6 months.

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