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Which Air Conditioner to choose?

Before buying anything we always try to get information about the product, compare and consider what would be the best for us. Usually the goal is to get good working product and not to pay more than it’s worth.

So what should we think about, while choosing air conditioner?

We know that there are different models of air conditioners with different efficiency. And of course their price varies a lot too. Let’s talk about that money aspect. When choosing a furnace or water heater we are very interested in it’s efficiency. It’s reasonable. But to tell the truth – it’s not the same when it comes to Air conditioners in Saskatchewan.

My experience and education allowed me to make some calculations of how much money a client can save while using an air conditioner that is more economical in electricity. Here in Saskatchewan, an air conditioner works a maximum of 3 months in a year. So your investment in a high efficiency air conditioner will come back in 10-15 or even 20 years. Is it worth it?

That’s why I recommend my clients the following:

If you are not running a business where the air conditioner works for 24 hours a day it’s honestly not worth it to waste more money.

Of course, you can have other reasons than saving money to buy a high efficient air conditioner. And it’s great! But if we are talking just about money, this is how things are.

Another question you might have – what brand of Air conditioner to choose?

When I searched the internet to choose the best brand, I carefully studied reviews from customers and installers. I came to the final conclusion that this source of information is biased.

From my experience, 95% of problems that people have with air conditioners are caused by improper installation. Improper installation leads to a chain reaction of air conditioner problems.

And what about brands? Well today’s top brands don’t have much difference in air conditioner quality. Choose whatever you like, just make sure that it is properly installed by a professional, and enjoy it!

As for my personal preference, today I like to install Lennox air conditioners. Our technicians use this AC installation step-by-step guide working with out customers.

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