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Safety tips for plumbing work 

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While applying yourself to any DIY work, things could either go right or totally wrong. If you’ve ever tried any DIY job in your home before, we are sure you’d agree with that. One of the reasons things go south is a lack of proper information and lack of safety precautions. Every work comes with certain hazards. Therefore, it is crucial to take the appropriate precautions before carrying out any plumbing repair job by yourself – just like the experts do!

Having clean water running freely in your house is a luxury everyone likes to enjoy. Water itself is a necessity, and the importance of constant access to water cannot be overstated. It is too important in the home for one to have problems with it. It is to this end that plumbers provide us with their services. However, many a time, you may not have the time to wait for a plumber in Regina. Sometimes, you may have to carry out plumbing work by yourself. 

Before you embark on any plumbing repairs, you should take note of some safety tips to guide you. This article will show you the precautions you should take.



Safety precautions for DIY plumbing 

Here is a list of some safety do’s and don’t that we have compiled to ensure that you enjoy a hitch-free plumbing work. 

Prepare and Be informed. 

You need to prepare yourself adequately before attempting to carry out plumbing work. Before you start, you need to look up the appropriate building and plumbing codes to know what needs to be done. Additionally, it is also important that you have the right tools. More importantly, you should know how to use them.

Tools and equipment for plumbing work have specific purposes; there shouldn’t be a misuse of instruments to avoid injury. Also, you shouldn’t open a drain or tamper with a gas line if you don’t have an idea of what you’re doing. Get properly informed and make yourself adequately prepared for the task. 

Protect your eyes 

Put on protective eyewear while getting yourself ready for a plumbing project. Regardless of how little the repairs might seem, always make sure that you are wearing safety glasses. Make sure to wear the ones that won’t fog and impair your visibility. 

Some plumbing jobs may require you to use a reciprocating saw, a drill, and also constant hammering. All of these activities give off debris and shards that may harm your eyes if done without the proper equipment. Also, you may be risking contamination from dirty water, drain gunk, and sewage splash if you’re not wearing safety glasses. Make sure to protect your eyes at all times while you work.

Protect your hands and your feet

Your hands are your primary tools during any plumbing work. They are essential to getting your work done. However, during DIY plumbing jobs, it is entirely possible that your hands come into contact with different materials and chemicals that may be dangerous. Make sure you use work gloves to protect yourself while attempting to make plumbing repairs by yourself. Tight rubber gloves should be used if you are going to be draining your pipes. This way, you are protected from harmful germs. 

It is also important that you wear slip-resistant safety boots while taking on plumbing projects. There would be a lot of moving around, and if there are puddles on your floor, walking around can be dangerous.

Protect your Ears and Lungs 

There are usually lots of loud, sharp noises during plumbing work. Over time, these noises can affect your hearing if you leave your ears unprotected. Therefore, ensure that you are wearing earplugs when combating a plumbing issue. 

Another great danger that you can experience during plumbing work is mould inhalation. You need to protect your lungs from inhaling harmful mould, dust particles, and dangerous fumes. Different gases and chemicals are released during plumbing tasks. It is necessary to use face and gas masks to protect yourself.



How to avoid explosions

In as much as there are a lot of things to do to protect yourself during DIY plumbing, there are some others that you shouldn’t do. You can’t afford to ignore the smell of gas. If you notice the smell of gas or suspect a gas leak, you need to stop working. The safe thing to do is to turn off the gas and call your utility company. A gas leak can lead to a possible explosion. Therefore, the best thing to do is to stop working and contact the appropriate authorities. 

Ensure that you follow all of the instructions above, and you will be sure to enjoy a safe plumbing experience in your home. Of course, you should know that there are plumbing jobs that require the technical skill of an expert. Our plumbing repair experts in Regina can help you handle plumbing issues you might be having quickly and efficiently. Contact us today!


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