Proper Plumbing Eliminates Water Waste and Improves Drinking Water Supply across Saskatchewan

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Proper Plumbing Eliminates Water Waste and Improves Drinking Water Supply across Saskatchewan

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Back in 2001, Saskatchewan has battled a long, costly and painful waterborne disease outbreak and ever since, the Government of the province has been committed to improving drinking water supplies as well as protect sources of water and eliminate waste. In order to achieve these goals, residents as well as business such as plumbing need to lend a helping hand. Canadians were quick to realize the importance of this.

For example, in a recent survey conducted across the region, over 64% of Regina residents said they would be willing to pay more to improve the safety or the quality of their drinking water. Here however, plumbers pay a key role since one third of drinking water failures are caused by faulty or inappropriate plumbing. Skilled and highly competent plumbers who use best-in-class materials are the only ones who can ensure water remains wholesome right up to the moment it hits taps around the province.

On the other hand, it is vital to discuss water waste and the consequences when it comes to paying bills, but also for the sake of the environment. The average Canadian needs about 335 litres of water every single day for domestic proposes such as bathing and showering (35%), flushing (30%), doing laundry (20%), or used for cooking, cleaning and drinking (15%). It goes without saying that water is the essence of life as we know it.

Imagine that something as apparently small and insignificant as a leaky tap that drips once every second can lead to a waste of 10,000 litres while a leaky toilet looses about 260 litres every day. At a municipal level, as much as 13% of piped water is lost because of pipeline leaking. The majority of these issues are considered to be easy-to-fix malfunctions and they can save the average Canadian household about 10% on their water bill.

Safe drinking water is a crucial component in the protecting the public health and prevent diseases of Saskatchewan’s citizens, but also for people all over the world. Canada, alongside the U.S. and other developed countries, are already considered ‘water wasting countries’ and that has a snowball effect on communities where water is scarce. Overusing or wasting household water either voluntarily by taking extra-long showers or involuntarily such as an unidentified plumbing issue limits availability for other countries to use their own needs which as a consequence, leads to illness, agricultural scarcity, starvation and death.

As responsible global citizens, every resident of Regina and beyond should do their very best to use water dutifully and as well have regular plumbing check-ups and fix an issue as soon as observed. This is also highly beneficial for their own, their families and communities’ wellbeing. Provision of safe drinking water and water waste control are two very serious topics and it becomes the mission of plumbing operators to put their knowledge and capabilities to work after a situation has been highlighted.

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