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What Energy Efficient Furnace Should I Buy?

With so many energy efficient furnaces to choose from it can be difficult selecting the right one for your cozy Regina home. We live in a harsh environment, and having a furnace that can withstand the demands of a Canadian winter is harder said than done. At Smile HVAC we always recommend our customers to buy furnace brands that we personally tested and can be sure that they will work for a long time.

Let’s talk about High Efficiency Furnaces.

high efficient furnace service regina
We have a few kinds: 92% and 94% efficiency, 95% and 96% efficiency, 97% and 98% efficiency.

92% and 94% – These are usually basic furnace models. They are often manufactured for low costs. We try not to install such types of furnaces unless the client is working with a really limited budget.

95% and 96% – These are medium efficiency furnaces which are already stuffed with additional devices. They are manufactured with high level quality (top brands), and they are quiet and economical. And if properly installed they usually don’t cause the client any problems.

97% and 98% – These are high energy efficiency furnaces. It’s a cornerstone with the eternal question – is it worth investing the money? On one hand, the difference of 0.5% efficiency is very important to both a customer and manufacturer. On the other hand, it is very accurate and very sensitive equipment which is on the market for about 6-7 years. (We are not talking now about the furnace Lennox Pulse from the 70’s which had 97% efficiency.) During those 6-7 years new equipment showed itself as not always reliably equivalent. And of course it fails at the most inopportune moment when it’s -30C outside and it’s 2:00am. The parts for these furnaces are not cheap either. In our Vaughan office we testes different furnaces to provide our educated opinion above.

I just gave you some information from my point of view but the choice is up to you!

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