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Why Furnaces For Regina Homes Make Sense

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Furnaces for Regina homes have been the standard for decades. But that doesn’t come at any surprise. Before the forced air furnace you had to heat your home with fireplaces or other wood or coal burning solutions. This was very inefficient and required lots of work. Boilers were also used but once again were very high maintenance and were usually more well suited for large homes, office and apartments. Electric convection style heating cropped up as well but it was far too expensive. Natural gas and diesel burning furnaces are by far among the best price to value home heating solution available.

Why use a furnace in Regina?

Forced air furnaces for Regina will keep your house warm period. With electric heaters, you get severe dead spots. Areas of the home where heat rarely reaches. This is due to the poor circulation of the heat  energy, rather it just sits there. Your other option is a closed loop glycol water hyronic system, which is the most efficient system you can install. It distributes heat evenly and costs less than any other heating system to run. However, the major drawback is the initial price to have one installed. Furnace installation can be a costly process. Some small projects of 1000sq ft can rang between $15 000 – $20 000 to install. The most viable solution for heating your Regina home through the long cold winters is with forced air furnaces. By scorching air from a fresh intake and cycling it throughout your home via the ducts, your home will remain a comfortable temperature throughout. Most furnaces Regina uses are natural gas which is the most inexpensive energy utility in Saskatchewan. This means your energy bills will be very predictable without big surprising bills in the dead of winter. Furnaces are very durable as well and will continue to perform for many months without the need for maintenance. It is recommended to change the air filter every 3 months and to get a yearly furnace  inspection complete. Most furnaces with this occasional maintenance will perform for 5 to 10 years on average. With the furnace repair on time you may extend this time by up to 5-7 years.

Types of furnaces

Over the years, furnaces have evolved to become more efficient than ever. The are condensing and non-condensing furnaces. Condensing is more efficient in that it captures heat from the water vapour in the combustion gases that would otherwise be vented outside in the exhaust. This can contain up to as much as 11% of the produced energy. These units are known as your high efficient furnaces. Mid efficient furnaces are also available, and although produce less heat per energy used, are also much less expensive to purchase. Either of these furnaces for your Regina home paired with a programmable digital thermostat will give your a very cost effective way to heat your home.


There are many great product out there. Choice can be dependent upon the purchaser. However to make things easier for our client’s we make the choice easy. Out of the many furnaces we’ve installed, Rheem and Trane furnaces are the top performers. On a cost to, reliability standpoint they have always been our choice. Now other contractors may say other wise, but this is our personal opinion and what we install in our own homes as well. These products, unlike Lenox, are easier to service and are “less touchy”.

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