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Is an Air Conditioner bad for your health?

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Air conditioners help you remove heat and moisture from your homes. They are home installations designed to provide comfortable environments for you. Everyone would rather be in a cool room as opposed to a hot, stuffy room where everyone is sweating and uncomfortable. Air conditioners allow you to do just that.

However, many Toronto residents still wonder, is AC healthy? The answer is a simple one. Yes, air conditioners are healthy. Keep reading to learn more about how an air conditioner improves your health.


Health benefits of an air conditioner

Here are some of the reasons why air conditioners are healthy for you:

Prevents Heat-Related Illnesses 

Asides from the cooling effect, ACs help make living conditions better by preventing heat-related illnesses. One of the health conditions you can avoid with an AC is heatstroke. 

In fact, many people have died from having heat strokes. When Toronto temperatures get high, ACs come in handy. Air conditioners are efficient protective instruments against heat-related illnesses and death. Here is one way to think about it. If there is no heat, you can’t suffer from heat-related illnesses. 

Aids Good Sleep 

It is without dispute that we all need a certain amount of sleep in order to function well. If you are deprived of good and adequate rest, you will end up being unproductive and can even become sick. 

Good and sound sleep is necessary for you and you can achieve just that with air conditioners. It has been proven that we sleep better in colder conditions. Air conditioners offer you these cooler conditions. Save yourself the tossing and turning you might experience in hotter conditions. Just turn on the AC in your room! 

Reduces The Risk Of Dehydration

We lose quite a percentage of our water intake when we sweat. There are many aspects of your daily activities that leave you dehydrated. Lower temperatures, however, means less sweating, which inadvertently means less dehydration. It is essential for you to stay hydrated. Air conditioners can help you achieve this. 

Improved Air Quality Conditions 

Apart from providing you with cool air indoors, a good air conditioner also has air filtration capabilities. It has air filters that remove mould, allergens, bacteria and other pollutants from the air. 

If you are prone to allergies, then you should consider installing an AC in your house. An AC boosts the quality of air in your home, making for a healthier environment. 

Helps To Prevent & Reduce Asthma Attacks 

Asthma can be quite unpleasant and uncomfortable. It is sometimes life-threatening, and the fact that it’s permanent makes it quite bothersome. Asthmatic people have to take extra care of themselves to reduce the number of attacks they suffer.

Studies have proven that having air conditioning in your home can reduce the possibility of you suffering from an asthma attack. As the AC reduces humidity, it also lowers airborne outdoor allergens that can lead to asthma symptoms and other respiratory issues. It also eliminates pollen, microbes and other pollutants that can trigger illnesses that affect breathing. 

Encourages You To Exercise More

One way to live healthily is to exercise regularly and maintain a healthy weight. If you have comfortable temperatures to exercise in, you would be encouraged to exercise regularly. A cool and comfortable gym room will boost your exercising regime. Eventually, this leads to a better and healthier life for you. 

We all like to be as comfortable as we can get. No one would prefer to work out in hot conditions. A well air-conditioned room would be the most convenient and healthier choice to work out in compared to a hot, stuffy room. 

Helps in Removing fumes and odours 

Fumes and stale air is often indicated by a bad smell or terrible odour. If allowed to permeate the air and become stagnant, it can have an adverse effect on your health. The problems of bad odour steaming from stale air can be dealt with through the use of an efficient AC system. 

Imagine having to host a couple of people for dinner, but there is a terrible smell in your home. This is inevitably going to make everyone is uncomfortable. That’s not going to be a very pleasant dinner. Air conditioners can help you eradicate bad smell, removing stale air and fumes from your home. Therefore, they make your home comfortable for both you and your visitors.



We sure by now, you are no longer in doubt as to whether your air conditioner is good for you and your Toronto home. If you do not have one yet, you should get one now. If you already do, take good care of it, be sure to maintain it regularly. Call our HVAC experts in Toronto to help you maintain your air conditioners!


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