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Furnace Repairs For Regina Residents

Our furnace repair service offers peace of mind through long Regina winters

Furnace repairs in Regina are not uncommon. Many of which happen in the dead of winter at 3 am. Waking up to seeing your breath through the alarm clock light as you roll to see the time. Shivering to your bones, and that unpeasant shock of having to get out from under warm covers and feel the brisk winter chill. Most can relate to a scenario like this because this is the time our home heating systems are under the most stress. This is especially true since most Regina homes are not well insulated and so the furnace keeps running nearly 24/7.
When your furnace does finally break, its always nice to know you have some one you can rely on to be there immediately, and possibly have the job done, and the heat flowing in time to let you get more sleep before your day even starts.

What to do before calling for furnace repair

There are several things you can do before heading to the phone to call a technician. This may get warm air into your home sooner than later which is good especially if pipes bursting from the cold is a concern at this point.

1.Go to your thermostat and adjust the heat down. Now I know what your thinking – “Why would I turn the heat down?”. Well this is part of a step in rebooting the heating system much like rebooting a computer.
2.Go to your breaker panel and locate the breaker to the furnace. Cut the power and count to about 30 seconds. Turn the breaker back on, this is often to the center of the panel.
3.Check the pilot light on your furnace. The pilot light can go out for a number of reasons. Try re lighting it. If it wont light then this is the last step for you and you should call a repair specialist.
4.Remove the front panel of the furnace and locate the power switch. Make sure the switch is set to the on position.
5.It is possible that the motor had an overload and needs to be reset. Its often located near the blower motors’ housing. Press and hold for 5 seconds.
6.Go back to your thermostat and turn the heat back up so that it calls your furnace for heat.
7.If the furnace kicks in and heat starts blowing then you should be ok for a few hours. However it is a good idea to still call your friendly furnace repair men at Smile Heating & Cooling at (306) 519-3777 to ensure that there are no larger issues and if there are they can be dealt with immediately. Also, check FAQ on how to repair your furnace

Emergency Furnace Repair

If none of the above seems to be working, and its winter, then you best call a professional immediately. One of our friendly heating repairmen will be more than happy to assist you. Please call (306) 519-3777

What parts often fail on a furnace

It can be any number of parts that fail, however you can usually expect it to be a sensor. Sensors are built throughout the entire heating system to constantly feed the furnace with valuable information such as when to start. Often times the sensors just need a good cleaning and get fouled up over time and use. Many of the sensors are difficult to access and need to be cleaned with more than just a vacuum. It is highly recommended that you call your friendly Regina furnace repair man who will be able to successful locate and delicately clean these sensors with the right tools

Regular Furnace Maintenance and Inspection

The best way to ensure an emergency call does not need to happen is with regular annual furnace inspections and to periodically do your own routine maintenance. We highly recommend doing this consistently. We much rather be doing maintenance. Its not only easier work for us but its much easier on your wallet. Performing routine inspections and maintenance will also ensure that the life of your furnace is extended and less repairs are needed. For a check list of things you can do to maintain your furnace you can review a checklist from SaskEnergy.

At Smile HVAC, our technicians and customer support strive to provide excellent service.

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